Problem & Solution

1. Learner Learning is a life-long journey that everyone understands is important. But insisting on continuous learning will be more difficult for many people. Not only overcome one's inertia, but it is also important to find good teachers and helpful friends to supervise.
2. Content Contributors For those Blockchain content creators/developers, they can hardly build connections with general users or other talented individuals. It is also not easy to turn knowledge into valuable ideas.
3. Solution for Learner & Content Contributors Web3Camp is the next frontier in the Quiz to Earn market, and an embodiment of learning experiences tied with Web3. Web3Camp is building a Quiz to Earn Ecosystem. Not only provide Incentives for Learners to encourage them to continue learning, but also provide a Patronship platform for high-quality content contributors, so that users can continue to provide high-quality content and continue to receive Patron rewards provided by Learners.